Sharp 180W Party Speaker


Sharp Portable Boombox speaker with up to 13 hour battery life. Both horizontal and vertical placement. USB for playback and charging plus Aux input.

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Bluetooth: Use Bluetooth to wirelessly connect your Sharp audio device to other devices such as your smartphone or tablet. Making your options even more versatile.
MP3/WAV/FLAC: Your Sharp audio device supports MP3, WAV and FLAC files so you can play music from mobile phones and MP3 players, Apple music and other music downloads.
2.0 channel: With 2 channel stereo your Sharp audio device creates a spatial sound experience.
Equaliser (EQ) presets: The equalizer presets let you choose the sound that sounds best for you – and fits your music or entertainment style perfectly.
Super Bass: To party you need a rich, club-style bass sound, and this Sharp speaker delivers it. Simply press the Super Bass button and the low-frequency bass power is increased. So your favourite sounds create the right mood and make your heart beat faster.
Strobe lights: When you party, you party hard. With loud music and hip lighting effects – your Sharp speaker will get all your friends on the dance floor.
Microphone with cable: Join in the rapping, rock the guitar solo or be a background choir with your friends: just plug in the microphone and you’re ready for your big performance. You’re the DJ? Then start announcing the tracks and fire up the crowd. Everyone will be talking about your party for days to come.
Built-in rechargeable battery: Up to 13 hours on the road listening to music: you can indulge in this pleasure with your Sharp audio device. Then quickly recharge it – and off you go again.
Duo-mode/True Wireless Stereo (TWS): True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology makes it easy to pair two Sharp speakers for, you guessed it, true wireless stereo. Not only do you get more volume or power but also a wider sound stage. By the way, control is also easy thanks to the duo mode: all you need is to connect your mobile device to one of the two speakers.

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